HIV Treatment

"So you are here for your HIV treatment, Mr. Smith" said the doctor as he walked in, wearing a plain white lab jacket and holding a folder of the patient's records.

"Yes," said Mr. Smith, "My wife insists." The patient wore brown slacks and a deep red short sleeved shirt.

"I assume she has received the treatment herself."

"Long ago. I should've too, but I was raised hating it, like everybody from our generation. Now I've given it a lot of thought and we both think its time. I am ready to be infected."

"Your attitude is understandable, legitimate, and indeed common. Science has moved faster then the imagination; it is what is called 'Future Shock' in the journals. Now relax. I'm going to take your blood pressure."

The patient tensed at the idea of blood. The doctor thought this man must be especially squeamish when it comes to blood and needles, and decided to ask Karen to infect this patient.

"Once they began infecting children, I knew I was growing old fashioned."

"You of course know why we administer the virus to children, alongside their regular vaccinations. By curing the body of its T-cells, the patient's system is prepared to be infected with our T-bacteria. It took decades to replicate the T-cells, but we have even improved on them. The T-bacteria is much more efficient then the T-cells. After this, you should not suffer from most infections."

"That's what my wife says." The patient smiled. "At work somebody actually noticed some signs of aging, and I am only 47. I've known I need the standard infections--the ones you can't catch from a friend."

"I see that you are scheduled to be systematically infected. What infections have you acquired so far, Mr. Smith?"

"Of course I picked up the colon bacteria that makes bathrooms smell nice, and then the 'cologne bacteria.' I actually had a women's perfume bacteria by mistake, but I must have picked up the men's in the locker room. Oh, and I spread the acne bacteria by popping and picking, and fixed my adult acne."

"Very good. We will have to thoroughly examine you in order to prescribe what man-made viruses will best help your system. We will do away with your aging process altogether."

Mr. Smith smiled, forgetting the needle that was coming. As the doctor shuffled his papers, the fear returned.
The doctor stood to leave.

"Nurse Karen will be in here in a moment to infect you. And don't worry, Mr. Smith, many patients prefer to freeze the aging process even later then you. You want to look as wise as you think, of course. Take care, Mr. Smith. Be sure to schedule an appointment for a complete physical examination; we will then verify that you are infected with HIV. God bless."

"Thanks, doctor."


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