scar of the heart

The Scar

Once there was a little girl full of love. She declared: “My heart belongs to daddy!” But her dad said “Then I may do with it as I wish,” so he cut at her heart, and left her bleeding. At first it hurt very much, and she did not understand, but by the time she was grown up, the wound had healed into an insensitive scar. She fell in love with an older man. When he saw her scar he said, “how sad, you have lost sensitivity there.” She said, “Its better that way, or it would hurt.” “I would rather be able to feel, even if it sometimes hurts” he said. “Then feel this!” she screamed and cut at his heart. Then she left him. So it went with the older men she dated, she scarred their hearts and left; and then she started dating younger men, and she would always initial her name over their heart before she left them.

One day she met a young man who made her feel frightened and excited. When they were alone, she showed him her scar. He opened is shirt and showed he had a similar scar. They didn’t know what to do. So she cut at his scar to see what he would do, and he cut at hers. For the first time since they could remember, they both felt in their heart the old pain. But something was new in it, something good. They pressed their wounds heart to heart and mingled their blood. It was only then that their scars began to heal.


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