1. The Scar-- one of my first miniatures about a girl with a wounded heart.

2. Instigation-- A parable about where provocations might take you.

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1. Open Mindedness -- an early essay about mindfulness

2. Beauty is No Argument -- an argument against the golden rule

3. The Tautologist's Credo -- my first attempt at glossalia

4. Creativity As Moral of Life

5. AntiFaith -- God loves those too strong for faith

more essays


1. Walking with my girlfriend in the Japenese Gardens -- love's pain

2. Mama -- an paen on the universe

3. Posterity’s Darlings -- a warning to the young savants to wait

4. No Reply -- a sonnet lamenting silent lovers

5. The Body's Duty -- a sonnet about the superiority of action

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Short Stories

1. Anaconda Story-- a story I began in the 5th grade, about an anaconda that is worshipped as a God, and the missionary his enemy.

2. HIV Treatment -- an exploration in using diseases as medicine.

3. Fortune Teller -- a story about the power of interpretation

4. Natalie Myths -- a fantasy intended to teach my children

5. Madeye -- What Wisdom Lies in the Madness of Dominic!

6. Conversation -- a story about starbucks customers

7. The Pure Peridiam -- a tender story setting up pride against love

8. Lux -- In a future utopia of scientific precision, Solman gains the magic to invert all order, and move all people to bliss -- except his wife

more short stories


1. The Perfect Idius-- my summa sophistria of allism.

2. Kosmos -- How I greatly changed my life for the better.

3. Tao Te Ching -- My own personal translation of this supreme scripture.

4. The Logos -- An adaptation from various scholarly translations of the fragments of Heraclitus.

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Children's Literature

1. Who I Am -- a picture book about being yourself.

2. Natamyths -- A young adult coming of age story of a powerful young woman who teaches herself to fly.

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