the nothing explodes with all

The Parable of the Middle Daughter and the Nothing

There one was a middle child who felt she was nothing. She loved her family, but nobody seemed to notice her. Once, she saw in her backyard a great black ball in the sky. It was The Nothing. She threw a rock into it and then she forgot about the rock, it was as if the rock never existed. But she knew somehow what this thing was. The Nothing grew larger and larger. A bird flew in and that bird never was. The girl was afraid it would devour her house and her family, that they would be as if they never were. She threw rocks at the nothing, and when it ate them it grew.

Finally, the girl addressed the nothing. "What can I do so you don't devour my family and house?"

"You must sacrifice yourself. You must let me devour you. It will be as if you never existed, and nobody will miss you or remember you."

The girl was deathly afraid. But she loved her family. So she submitted. She walked into the nothingness.

At first it was an utter void of darkness so absolute it consumed all and everything. Her body was consumed, her hair, her eyes. Her memories were consumed. There was nothing left of her at all. She had become a complete nothing.

Inside the utter quiet of the nothing, a single little spark leapt out of her heart. That spark grew and resonated and shook the nothing. That spark became a light, a sun, a thousand suns. Then the nothingness exploded.

The girl found herself in her backyard, and the nothing was gone as if never were. After this, everything we different for the girl.


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