Posterity’s Darlings:

Take care, Caretakers,
Lying infants, inverts, troverts, and reverts
You slayers of truth
You good trees that cannot bear bad fruit.

For I warn you of one temptation:
That you speak too soon.
What has the sprout podding?
What the sapling harvest?
What is your wisdom
But a muzzle and a lonely room?

“But I am the greenness of my perfection”
And innocence peeks from your eyes.
Yes, but have not green eyes for your perfection.

Behold, I arm you;
Knives for infants:
1.Baptize all things in the image of goodness.
        Don’t envy. Become. So envy becomes so envy is         Godly.
2.Use your judas kiss
        No teacher gives omniscience: the student who is         student takes it.
3.Burn your photographs
        (behold and your held; become and you shall)
4.Know: perfection is easy
        (Buddhism is a mistake)
5.Love formula and see it everywhere
        I lie? As yourself.
6.Obsess-take my cyclops eye
7.Ask and you shall receive, but create and you shall own.
8.Complexity is superficial; contradiction denotes hidden depth.
9.Reverse all the things that went before.
        Feeling guilt is the heinous sin.
10. Wisdom rejoices in rebuke.
        Do not dissapoint me with a rebukeAjealousAconfusion
11.Devour your halos
        Be good from within.
12.A farmer cannot swallow his plough.



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