America the great

America: A Prophesy

1 -- Motherwit --

Every man talks by me

And yet so often mispeaks.

If God could speak – he would not

For he said his peace and he said his panic

Listen, God is mere rush over the lip of mother

The grand all Matriall matter of us all

She spirals like lightening from an atom in my mind

A fever, an ecstasy, I am pure magnet, I utter out!

Great! Great! Perfect is America above all Nations

For America is the first and only

to allow the union of all nations

A complete United States

Her people, her literature, her ideas

The prototype for utter opening of everything wordly

You do not see it because you cannot see it

But you feel it and know it

Never trouble over the stutter in your song

This minor worldwide devestation

Laugh and say, “so what! We are eternal, immortal

America is eternal, immortal

Mankind is eternal immortal

Universe is eternal immortal”

I said no Om, when I created the world!

I laughed like river splash

and sang perfect love

America! You doubt, you wonder

Are bothered and kicked

You believe your enemies,

you doubt your power—

Silly one!

the great united everything

has no right to doubt

She who owns all

and is all

I love you,

the ever you, your whole history

Every crime and every justice

all comes together in your perfect being

You see this not

If you could see through my eyes

You would fall in love

as I fall in love

you are the palm of my hand


Your men and woman:

The creases in my palm

the lines in my hand

Would you read these lines?

Watch your rivers

and read them well

the palmist will know where my future lies

Forever and always

always and ever with you

Who roils like boiling milk

If you doubt

Would I teach you to undoubt?

I doubt it


It is done, I have already worked

the word through you

I sit back

Your nation is as endearing

as the purring tiger.

I love and believe in you

Daring daystar.


2 -- Man I --

My inner in response

resonates, receives, and repudiates her

America – you burst the world womb

And now the righteos rays of Apollo

fall like apalling plague over Earth

Darts to knock down many of our best

but we will survive

And by and by grow stronger

As a purer sun warms us to immortality

Helios’ veil is rent and yet we manage

our rivers will inseminate

the glorious land.

Wait and see my earthlings

What a great service

Your foolishness allows.

The earth falls desert

and my heart water shall

woo her back.

Not since Prometheus forebrain

saw his way out of Ethiopia

Having eaten the tree of knowledge

the coffee cherry

And ascended in mind

and carried the fire of inspiration

in his reed fingers

(Egyptian the first)

Has such a world wide gain

fallen to man

“Create and Rule”

Are the glory of man.

Wake up! Sleeping angels!

See what the vampires have done

With the very blood money they fed you

See how they oversip their welcome.


even in cheerful innocence

Working your own job and doing wonders

Worrying nothing

Nor blowing lazy like lilies in the field

But lilting a gentle spin of text and textiles

you bless yourselves.

your daily making of bread, asked from none

by your own sweat and joy

you make the world

She is yours

your place is forever

and unique among nations

that only immortals live on her land

the empty hearted were struck dead

whenever they ventured her plains

America alone equals the hyperboreans

America a melting pot

and the amulgum metal


never a twain

if you endorse or refrain

America, dare not regret the glorious crimes

the atrocities and outrages by which you scar history

you are glorious, and your shadow is also glorious.

Let the weak and the wounded climb into their cave and die

God is not in the weak

and will not make his ways manifest through cowards

Laugh and scoff and do better

The cheerful are worthy of good and glory

The weepers and mourners

are worthy of melting into sea foam.

Indeed they become sea foam

the ocean too is immortal

And you will see

I will even fill your lakes with dolphins.

America you set the world electric

You gave the world technology

they imitate, they add, and always add to your pyramid

with your own eye glowing atop.

Sing you your labors a working song

lend grace over your work

and cheer to your day

Enjoy all your work

and will you work sublimity best

Ignorant and omniscient you are

Write the fates of God and men

Sysiphus by the stroke of his boulder

Wrote the fate of Zeus

You write greater fates

When even yawning a yarn.

America the perfect

Nation of nations

eternal immortal

Both the undergod and innergod

You alone are worthy.



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